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Support and challenge each child emotionally, socially, cognitively, and physically to enhance Kindergarten readiness.

Contact: Mary Rotter
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I am so impressed with Laker Prep Preschool.  The facility is clean, spacious and designed perfectly to be a fun and inviting place to learn.  This is our 5th child to go through a Pre School experience, and out of all our children, I’ve seen the biggest changes in this child.  She is excited for school every day and when she gets home, she can’t wait to show us her progress and do more work.  Going to preschool every day instead of ½ days or every other day makes a huge difference in what they learn and retain.  She started school knowing how to write a few letters, but not knowing any letter sounds.  She now knows all her letters, how to write them and what sounds they make and is even able to read simple words by sounding out her letters.  I know at this pace she’ll be reading books by the end of preschool.  She also is beginning to do simple addition and understanding the concept of math.  She loves her teachers and really enjoys the other kids at the school.  She’s also very excited when they go on field trips and visit the library.  I wish all my children could have had the opportunity to attend this pre-school.  It’s such a wonderful way to prepare them for success in their elementary school years. 
~ Laker Prep Preschool Mom

(My child) looks forward to it every day. I know it will be a good morning at our house if it's a pre-school morning because she is so excited to go and see all of you. She always has lots to talk about when I pick her up. She is especially fond of Mrs. Johnson and how she goes around her face with her finger at rest time. Now that's part of our bed time routine because (my child) likes it so much. Lastly, she and my youngest both point out "pre-school mom!" whenever we drive by.  My youngest has even started saying she'll go to pre-school when she gets "big" like her sister. 
~ Laker Prep Preschool Mom

As a former 1st grade teacher of 43 years, I am delighted to be volunteering at Laker Prep Preschool.  Laker Prep Preschool offers great opportunities for children to learn and grow mentally, socially, emotionally and physically in a warm and nurturing environment. The staff members are so very caring and provide a wide variety of learning opportunities and activities. Also, I find them to be very cognizant of the needs of this age group and use this knowledge in providing a structured yet flexible framework for daily activities.  I am so happy to have my Grandson enrolled at Laker Prep Pre School. It is a wonderful school! ~ Laker Prep Preschool Volunteer

Thanks for the wonderful conference.  I know that we are so happy that (my child) has been with you at Laker Prep and are so grateful for the progress that we have seen with him intellectually, emotionally and socially.  It's so great as parents to hear how well your child is thriving.  Thanks for all that you and Ms. Johnson do.  We truly do appreciate it. 
~ Laker Prep Preschool Mom


Calendar 2017-2018 School Calendar

The following dates we will be closed, due to a holiday or training for staff.

September 4, Labor Day
October 20, 2017 Staff Training
November 23 and 24, 2017 Thanksgiving
December 25 and 26, 2017 Christmas
January 1,2018 New Year’s Day
March 30, 2018 Staff Training
May 28, 2018 Memorial Day
July 4, 2018 Independence Day
Sept 3, 2018 Labor Day

Teachers will communicate special events and dates within their classrooms.

Please see our Parent Handbook for weather related policies.

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